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We’re NAMM co-oddity of the year!

Thanks to Barry Wood for having dropped by our NAMM booth, it means a lot to us considering how thorough he is in his exploration of the show, and how much stuff is exhibited there. You can browse all this year’s oddities here.

In other news, a minor update to Aerodrums is available for download. It introduces a “Stage mode” that you can toggle from the home screen. While drumming in stage mode, the “Menu” button becomes a “Mute” button that is placed further away from the drums. When you activate and hit it, you can enable or disable drumming. This mode is meant for people who have requested the ability to mute the drums between songs while gigging.

The update also fixes a bug that affected some MIDI users whose MIDI setup is more complex than the basic Windows/Mac OS setup.

Next week, check the Aerodrums blog or the “aerodrumming” Youtube channel for our video about foot technique.