New drum samples

All drum sounds are professionally recorded acoustic drums.

They feature the same great expressiveness as the existing Aerodrums pieces.

Two sample packs are available: new drums & cymbals, and brush versions of a selection of pieces.

Download and run the installer files to add the samples to your set up. The next time you start Aerodrums you’ll see the new samples in the “Available elements list” in the Drum Kits menu.

You’ll also see 4 new drum kits: “Jungle”, “Metal”, “Orleans” and “Big Jazz Brushes”.

New drums & cymbals

(Sample Pack 1)

  1. 29 new drum pieces in total
  2. New cymbals, hi hat, bass drums, snares and toms
  3. Including our samples of the Gretsch “Crystal Tone” 14″ Snare, Meinl “One Of A Kind” 14″ hi-hats and UFIP “Experience Series” 19″ ride
  4. Including snare cross-sticks and no resonance toms


  1. 26 new brush pieces in total
  2. Brushes for cymbals, rides, hi hat, snares, and toms
  3. Sampled from Grestch USA Maple, UFIP “Bionic Series” hi-hats, and more
  4. Including snare cross-sticks and no resonance toms

See the new pieces in use

Thanks Mitch and Fabien!

Aerodrums for playing

With its dynamic range and extensibility play Aerodrums without compromising any of the expressiveness of a conventional drum set.


Aerodrums for learning

Find out how Aerodrums is the perfect instrument for learning to play the drums and an ideal complement to a practice pad.


Aerodrums for recording

Aerodrums offers a dynamic and cost-effective solution for the home or studio. Find out how easy Aerodrums is to use for recording projects.


What's included with Aerodrums?

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