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We make another revolutionary program for drummers. It's gotten a reputation among pros who often write drum parts. But you can also use it to learn drum notation. And it's free for a limited time.

Editing a bar of drum music with Aered

"Aered is a gem, it's so intuitive and quick." - Craig Blundell

Five stars

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Aerodrums for playing

With its dynamic range, sound quality and extensibility, Aerodrums performs on par with high-end electronic drums.


Aerodrums for learning

Find out how Aerodrums is the perfect instrument for learning to play the drums and an ideal complement to a practice pad.


Aerodrums for recording

Aerodrums offers a dynamic and cost-effective solution for the home or studio. Find out how easy Aerodrums is to use for recording projects.


What's included with Aerodrums?

All you need is a PC or Mac to use Aerodrums. Click below to find out what’s in the box and how it all works.


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