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We love seeing drummers of all experiences having fun with Aerodrums. Thanks to everyone who shared their videos with us.

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Aerodrums: Rosanna

Talvanes live gig in Brazil

Live gig with Aerodrums in a pub in Paris

Is this love (whitesnake) aerodrums cover

The Emperor's New Kit (Aerodrums Cover of Limelight by Rush)

Aerodrums Demo | Invisible Drum Kit | Linkin Park - What I've Done

Uptown Funk - Aerodrums Cover - Quick Review in Caption

Aerodrums - Power of Love (Drum Cover)

AeroDrums VR - Virtually real drums in Oculus Rift

Hotline Miami/El Huervo - Daisuke (Aerodrums Cover)

Aerodrums - New Rules Drum Cover - Dua Lipa - Michael Tonga

Pink - So What (AeroDrums cover by KRS)

Sum 41 - In Too Deep [Aerodrums Cover]

The Aerodrums are AWESOME! (Michael Calfan - Resurrection)

Yael Lerato - Ride with me - Cover - Nelly - Aerodrums - at Creative Gatherings

More Cowbell!..Aerodrums improv solo


Grooving with Air - Aerodrums Solo

Aerodrums & Tenori-On

Aerodrums Latin Jam

First Drum Cover On Aerodrums

Ghostbusters on Aerodrums -Drum cover by Aleksandar Kosijer

Green Day - Boulevard of broken dreams (aerodrums COVER)

Neele Neele Ambar Par Cover | Aerodrums | Kaushal Desai | Jitesh Panchal

Living On A Prayer Cover AERO DRUMS 3D

#aerodrums #despacito

Aerodrums: Hip-Hoppy go-go improv..

#Aerodrums#maroon5# thislove#coverbatterie# bombino rof

Still of the Night (Aerodrums cover)

Mister J Performing Invisible Drum Medley

comfortably numb (aerodrums cover)


Aerodrums: THRILLER

Aerodrums | Kaun Tujhe


TEST AERODRUMS - Blanckass Danse avec les vieux

Steely Dan - Green Earrings - My first Aerodrums Cover

Whiplash on Aerodrums

Aerodrums cover - Medley (Bruno Mars, Charlie Puth & Maroon 5)

Drumstick Pony Aerodrums #StuckAtHomeDrumChallenge

In The end - Linkin Park - Cover ft Aerodrums

Instante com Aerodrums

Cooperation with Aerodrums

Way Maker (Drum Cover) Aerodrums

Dream Theater - On the back Of Angels Aerodrums Cover

Wither - Dream Theater | Aerodrum Cover | Aerodrums

Uptown Funk - Testando a AERODRUMS

Talvanes live gig in Brazil


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