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Using Aerodrums with MIDI drum samplers

Over the last couple of months, since MIDI support was added to Aerodrums, we’ve been testing it with various drum samplers and gathering the mapping files necessary to convert the MIDI notes output by Aerodrums to the notes that each drum sampler expects. We’ve put together a new page where you can download these MIDI mappings.

Supported samplers include:

  • Steven Slate Drums’ SSD4
  • Toontrack’s Superior Drummer 2 and EZdrummer 2
  • FXpansion’s BFD3
  • Native Instrument’s Kontakt (with Studio Drummer)
  • XLN Audio’s Addictive Drums (1 & 2)

We also have some new tutorial videos on the same page explaining the steps necessary to get Aerodrums working through a DAW. Here is a short teaser:

We would like to thank Toontrack, Steven Slate Drums, Native Instruments and FXpansion for kindly giving us access to their products for testing with Aerodrums.