Sticking and line breaks in Aered


You can indicate if a note is to be hit with the right or left hand:

In the editor pane, When hovering over a note, press Y to label it as a right stick hit. Press U for a left stick hit.

Aered sticking and line break features (screenshot)

When you change the label on any note, Aered displays all right hit notes in orange and all left hit notes in green (in the editor pane).

These notes will then have their sticking labels displayed automatically under the staff in the layout pane.

Line breaks

To insert a line break at the end of a bar, hover your mouse cursor over the bar in the layout or editor pane and press K. This will toggle a line break, which shows as a little boxed X above the bar line in the editor pane.

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Editing a bar of drum music with Aered

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