Aerodrums change log

15 March 2015 Aerodrums update: version 1.0.14

New features:

  • You can now select a different audio device than the default one in the “Latency” screen. ASIO audio devices are now supported on Windows.
  • Hi-hat drop clutch: you can now configure the hi-hat openness that is used when your foot is not on the hi-hat pedal.
  • You can now splash the hi-hat by tapping your foot half way, and configure a hi-hat’s splash sensitivity. This is disabled by default.

Experimental feature:

  • Cymbal choke: you can now choke your cymbals by moving the tip of one of your sticks into zones located in the periphery of your drum kit. The location of these choke zones is configurable. This is disabled by default.

Quality of life changes:

  • Aerodrums now reminds you to set your camera on the “wide angle” setting (“blue dot”, clockwise) in the second setup screen.
  • If you need to use a low performance mode, it now persists between restarts of Aerordrums.
  • In the “New element” screen, the available buttons are now “Create” and “Back”, removing the confusion caused by the old buttons.
  • The ability to adjust the range of kick pedals has been removed: it was purely cosmetic.
  • More types of .wav files can now be loaded.

Bug fixes:

  • Song playback has been improved to correctly load and play a wider range of mp3 files.
  • In the “Recordings” screen, the “Play” and “Export wav…” buttons are now disabled when no recording is selected.
  • Changes to the audio panning setting now correctly highlights the “Save changes” button.
  • On Macs, fn+backspace now works as expected when editing text.
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