Newly discovered

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Newly discovered

Post by RTK » Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:53 pm

Incredible. Stunning.

I found out about this devise today. It means a world of difference for me presently. Can't wait to order this rig.

I have been waiting for something like this for years. I knew it would be invented sooner or later.

It looks like a fair learning curve, but the NAMM video certainly makes it seem pretty easy. And the technique video makes all the sense in the world, and is what makes air drumming substantial in nature - the stick snap off the palm.

Bravo, to you guys.

After reading around the forum I concur with others. I know the desire to launch must have been overwhelming, but practical aspects beckon, as well.

Get this rig on Ebay, or sell it off your site (and have a USA mirror site to do that and USA distributor).
You really need more info about the device on your site. An online manual would be great (Ah, right in front of me, didn't see it). On-line tutorials.
You might even start a thread yourselves asking for ideas which can enrich your whole intent, from the device itself, to the main site, to the forum. (Ha. Found that, too, on the Support board).

Much success to you.

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