Aerodrums + Meta 2.0 VR Glasses + 3M Vikuiti + 3D Drums

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Aerodrums + Meta 2.0 VR Glasses + 3M Vikuiti + 3D Drums

Post by rebit » Sat Mar 05, 2016 5:19 am

This is my new IDEA to play AERODRUMS and make shows with a great LIVE PERFORMANCE !

The system consist in :

- 01 Acrilic or 01 Tempered Glass
- 01 3D Vikuiti Rear Projection Film
- 1 or 2 Projectors ( for public )
- 01 VR Meta 2.0 Glasses (optional)
- Of course Aerodrums kit !
- Unity 3D Virtual Drums Application


3M Vikuiti

Is a rear projection film together with projectors, can improve customer interaction. Search on youtube to see how 3D Vikuiti film works ! ... nDisplays/


With a proper 3D Virtual Drums application made with Unity 3D, you can project a interactive 3D Virtual Drum that reacts with your play togheter (or not) with a VR Glasses ( Meta 2.0 )

VR Meta 2.0 Glasses (optional)

Like the new Oculus Rift Aerodrums demo, VR Meta 2.0 glasses uses Augumented Reality algorithms and sensor to display graphics, with some development, its possible to design a Unity 3D application to show a virtual Drums in front of your eyes, without blocking the real world enviroment.

Projectors (for the public)

You can use 02 projectors to display the 3D Drums in front of you for the public see in real 3D perception your drumkit and reacting in realtime ! You will project the drums in the Glass or transparent acrilic with Vikuiti 3D film !

Its something like this (see image below), but of course, its not necessary the real drum ! ;)


You will need to make a Unity 3D application to project the 3D Virtual Drums on the Glass, like a 3D Mapping software. you can use only one Projector, but for the public see the drums in 3D you will need more than one projector !


Here you can see a 3D mapping running with more than one projector:


Understand ? If you will use this idea or want to build this for your live show with your band, please give me the credits or contact me, i can make all stuff work fine for your show. ( Pls, only contact for serious projects. ) ;)

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