Minor update released

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Minor update released

Post by Sipaliwini » Sat Jun 28, 2014 12:09 pm

We have released today a minor update that fixes three issues:

1) We now send a "note off" MIDI message after each note Aerodrums sends. Not doing this was causing issues with several popular DAWs.
2) It is now possible for MIDI users with many available ports to select the last ones.
3) Closing the hihat slowly no longer runs the risk of Aerodrums thinking the hihat has closed prematurely (this was particularly noticeable when using MIDI).

As always, on Windows you can install the update using the "Check for Aerodrums updates" shortcut, on Mac you can download it from this page after entering your product code:

We are making progress on some of the high priority requested features, but the fixes above were urgent so we are releasing them ahead of the next features.

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