Using a USB hub?

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Using a USB hub?

Post by slavedave » Thu Jan 08, 2015 1:20 pm

HI from Dublin,
Just received my Aerodrum kit and will set it up when I get some time, but I have an initial question:
My laptop only has two usb ports (one of which I have to use for my audio interface) so I wanted to know if I could use an unpowered USB hub to connect both the light array and the PS Eye to the laptop? I have access to a powered hub too if needed but would prefer to use an unpowered one if at all possible.

The answer will probably be "try it and see what happens" , but I wanted to ask first in any case.


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Re: Using a USB hub?

Post by Sipaliwini » Fri Jan 09, 2015 10:44 am

Thank you for posting your findings in CaBleman's thread.

Like you, we have had bad experiences with non powered USB hubs. Both the light and the camera are power hungry.

Unfortunately, when the computer only has two independently powered USB ports* and a third USB device is required**, the best solution is to plug the lamp in a generic USB wall charger.

*on some systems, there may be more USB plugs than there are independently powered USB ports, think of it as having a non powered USB hub built inside the system.
**my USB mouse is low power enough to not cause issues, your milage may vary.

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