Aerodrums are terrible

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Aerodrums are terrible

Post by AerodrumsSuck » Tue May 30, 2017 10:07 am

Had them for months and nothing but shitty hitboxes and hitting shit i didn't intend to hit, or was nowhere near hitting. Fix the fucking hitboxes. Fucking waste of $200. If you're thinking of buying it, don't. Nothing but frustration and shitting hit registering.

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Re: Aerodrums are terrible

Post by Richard » Tue May 30, 2017 5:04 pm

I'm sorry that you're getting disappointing results. I see that you posted some Aerodrums covers to YouTube and that the reflective balls at the ends of your sticks look like they're in very bad shape. This is very likely to be the reason why you're having trouble hitting the drums you intend. Is it the case that when you were using new balls you were getting better results than you are now?

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Re: Aerodrums are terrible

Post by theorganist » Wed May 31, 2017 5:53 pm

They are not rubbish at all mate, I have had mine a few months and am not disappointed one bit. I have found, drumming on a physical kit has improved a lot, and it wasn't just noticed by me neither!

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Re: Aerodrums are terrible

Post by Wolfgang » Tue Jun 06, 2017 1:04 am

Have them for 2 years now and use them very often. I never regretted having paid the price they cost. They are not crap, even not a toy, they are something you can use for doing serious work. I’ve even made successfully several gigs with them. Like theorganist said, I also find that my playing on a physical set has improved since I’m working with my Aerodrums, and I’m playing drums for more than 30 years! I can suggest them to everybody who comes to a point in his/her evolution where he/she is thinking not progressing any-more.

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Re: Aerodrums are terrible

Post by mashworth » Thu Jun 29, 2017 9:47 pm

Well, today i had a demonstration of the new and upcoming FREEDRUMS (release date sept 2017). They are a simple attachment you attach to any drumstick of your choosing and using bluetooth 4.1 they connect to IOS, ANDROID, PC AND MAC and play flawlessly. Setup time is minimal and latency is fantastic. Now i am truly a portable drummer with only my phone and 4 tiny black sensors THAT DONT NEED LIGHT IN ORDER TO WORK!!!!!!!

Costing just $99 for two or $180 for 4 (two for your feet), they put aerodrums to absolute shame. We have been waiting for updates from aerodrums regarding ios and android capability for a long time now but sadly they have not delivered. Needless to say that i have already pre ordered my freedrums and cannot wait.

Sorry aerodrums but your missing a trick here.

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Re: Aerodrums are terrible

Post by chegueparra » Sun Jul 02, 2017 1:54 am

TheThe comment that Aerodrums is terrible is simply made by the competition, clearly you can not compare the two products ... Aerodrums is configurable you can locate everything your way and additional to this you can use additional software which increases its functionality per thousand .. .good product they show in the videos but does not compare with aerodrums that is a complete instrument while the other is just like to practice or hang out.

I don't have any relations with aerodrums, I just say what I think! aerodrums and ezdrumer are awesome!!

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Re: Aerodrums are terrible

Post by Smasha » Mon Sep 21, 2020 12:36 pm

The new Aerodrums(I acquired a brand new set for a great price from an Aussie music store on ebay)seem to have more latency than the old ones I bought.

I also got the new camera stand(Amazon Australia) but I couldn't find a nice position to play.

My snare is practically sitting on my groin and the small tom is where the snare should be plus I have keratoconus in my eyes which has got worse so looking at even a 27 inch screen,the diagram is a blur so I can't edit the drum positions.

And I absolutely hate playing in air,I practise hours and hours on my technique and when I use these sticks in air,I just can't play doubles properly.

I use heavy sticks that rely on rebound from a surface,jumping on to these sticks,I can't double stroke well,it feels strange.

I do a strenuous practice routine which lasts for 30 mins at 190 bpm on my practice pad which has a double folded towell placed on it where I play 16th note R singles then L singles at 5 mins each hand ,not stopping , I go into R doubles and l doubles 5 mins Each hand then paraddidles etc so my technique is strong.

But on the aerodrums,I have no place to land my strokes because it goes forever like no gravity in space and no rebound because the stick hits nothing and that feels horrible,not fun at all.

This is a nice gimmick fun thing (if you can get it set up right)

I have spent money on 2 Aerodrums kits now but that is it from me.

I think I am too tall for Aerodrums,they just don't feel natural like sitting on a drum kit or even playing on a practise pad.

And I don't want to ruin my technique by using them.

Saving for some edrums. :-(

Roland td 17 kvx look good.

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Re: Aerodrums are terrible

Post by Richard » Mon Sep 21, 2020 1:14 pm

Sorry to hear you're having issues with your Aerodrums. Hopefully we can help you resolve them.

The hardware or software has not changed in any way that would affect latency so this is likely to be an issue with the computer you're using and how it is configured. Are you using the same computer as before and have Aerodrums set to use the Exclusive WASAPI audio device? If so, the issue might be related to audio drivers.

Regarding the positioning of the drums, the preset drum kits will not be to everybody's taste but the drums can be easily repositioned. To do this for a preset kit, go to the 'Drum kits' screen, choose a drum kit and click 'Clone' followed by 'Ok'. Then, enter the menu from the drumming screen and hit the "Adjust drums" button, followed by 'Place all drums'. You will then be requested to place each drum by hitting the air (and each pedal by tapping your foot).

While it's true that there is no physical surface for the tip of the drumstick to collide with, you can get the same feeling by letting the butt of the stick collide with the lower part of your hand on every drum stroke. I suggest spending a bit of time to get used to this. If you try to loosen your grip on the stick it should come naturally and you should hear the collision off your hand.

If you incorporate finger motion it can feel even better. In this case, the basic air drumming stroke will require rotating your wrist back while opening your hand (fingers supporting the stick move away from thumb) on the upstroke and then rotating your wrist back down while closing the fingers (snapping the stick into your hand) on the downstroke.

Of course it will take some getting used to and is likely to feel awkward at the beginning but this technique will put a lot less strain on your muscles and will require significantly less energy to drum which is one of the reasons why it feels very good. More importantly, in our opinion playing like this will greatly improve your stick and finger control when playing on a real set as opposed to ruining your technique.

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Re: Aerodrums are terrible

Post by Smasha » Tue Sep 22, 2020 12:11 am

I could move drums around easy with the old Aerodrums,not this version.

I cloned a kit with the edit button but it only assigns kit pieces,not move them.

I read your post Richard but could not find the option to move drum pieces around.

Plus ,my room has hardly any light ,only the light attached to the camera but aerodrums is picking up lots of light.

Snare drum is placed on my groin area and small tom is where the snare is.

The camera stand has no tilt option either and keeps unscrewing when I try to place it properly.

If anyone can point me to where the placement of drums is hidden,I'd love to know.

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Re: Aerodrums are terrible

Post by Richard » Tue Sep 22, 2020 10:29 am

There is an option in the Aerodrums Preferences screen labelled 'Old style menu button'. If you enable this you will get back the 'Menu' button on the drumming screen. Alternatively, you can enter the menu from the drumming screen by bringing both of your drumsticks below your knees. Other than this, there should be no difference with how positioning drum pieces works between the current version and any previous version.

As for lighting, did you check the screen in Aerodrums that marks the overly bright regions in red? This should help you identify what the issue is. Perhaps you have a mirror or some other reflective object visible to the camera?

The camera stand has fixed tilt by design as this is the optimal way to set up Aerodrums. The main reason we designed a custom stand is so that we could constrain the tilt and height to give the best experience.

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