Camera driver installation failure - Windows 10 Prestigio tablet

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Camera driver installation failure - Windows 10 Prestigio tablet

Post by johnnyM1984 » Tue Jul 13, 2021 11:20 pm

Hello forum users! I just want to add to your knowledge base some troubleshooting with camera driver installation, I hope people will find this usefull.

I recently intalled fresh version of Aerodrums (1.1.2) on Windows 10 tablet - Prestigio Multipad Visconte V ( ... visconte-v ) and run into troulbe with the camera driver.

The camera driver didnt want to install, although I have tried a regular Aerodrums installer, then I browsed to camera directory and manually launched aerodrums-camera-installer.exe. The installer does not seem to give you a clue what has gone wrong, it simply showed some succesfull commands and closed window after some time.

When I opened Device manager, camera was listed under Unknown devices or something like this (not the libusb0 devices). I also tried manual installation of inf driver, this also has failed but showing succesfull window.

Anyway the problem was with the McAfee antivirus software that comes packaged with standard windows on this tablet. I simply removed McAfee antivirus with MCPR.exe tool (official download from ... R/MCPR.exe ) and then launched camera installer again (from Aerodrums folder). This time camera driver installed succesfully!

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Re: Camera driver installation failure - Windows 10 Prestigio tablet

Post by Richard » Fri Jul 16, 2021 10:08 am

Thanks for this Johnny. It's also mentioned in the troubleshooting guide at the bottom of this section:

The camera driver installer is safe but some antivirus software incorrectly detects it as malware. We contacted the antivirus vendors about this when the issue was discovered. I remember Symantec corrected the mistake but I believe McAfee never replied to our request.

Rather than uninstall the antivirus software you can just temporarily disable it so that the camera driver can be installed.

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