Not too happy so far

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Not too happy so far

Post by Drummerkevin » Sun Mar 28, 2021 10:40 pm

I just shut off an email to support. Did not realize that there was online boards. If it's cool I'm just going to copy and paste the majority of my email to them.

I was super excited that I got my aerodrums today off amazon.
I have followed everything to the letter and so far the results have been absolutely horrible. We'll start with the latency issue. My room is almost completely dark (and I tried other amounts of lightness) I have a laptop that is barely a week old and is more than able to provide the computing power to make this a top-notch experience. I had headphones connected via Bluetooth at first and I thought maybe that was a problem so then I hardwired the headphones and still had issues with latency. I have gone into the aerodrum settings and I'm trying to use the shared wasapi setting. Of course to use that you have to go into your computer settings and change other things however my computer is not letting me select a format with 44100 hz.

I have also tried the option to let aerodrums choose which seems to only allow sounds to come out of my laptop speakers and not even my headphones if I have those attached. The latency issue seems to be a lot better when this choice is made but obviously not practical.

The other problem I'm having is being able to actually hit a drum while it's in the right area. Ride cymbal and crash and floor tom seem to be ok - ish. Hi hat? Forget it. I have to move my hand so far to the left (4" if I'm measuring it on my laptop screen) before it works and the snare drum I have to move my hands so far down that I'm almost hitting the floor. If I'm even in the center of the snare it's hitting the tom. And of course having to reach down that low every other hit I'm activating the menu. My kick drum and hi-hat control on my feet work intermittently.

I've set up the exact distance that is required from where I'm sitting. I've tried moving my table farther away, closer. Right now I'm sitting in the complete dark except for the PlayStation light.

I really want this to work. Please help....


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Re: Not too happy so far

Post by Richard » Mon Mar 29, 2021 1:02 pm

I'm sorry to hear you got off to a bad start. I see that my colleague Yann has replied to your support email so hopefully we will be able to get things working better for you.

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Re: Not too happy so far

Post by johnnyM1984 » Tue Apr 06, 2021 7:11 am

Hello dear friend!
If you want support from forum users, the best way would be to record your poor experience on video and share it through youtube or vimeo or any other video hosting and post here the link.

In my experience the lowest possible latency can be achieved with Exlusive WASAPI mode or ASIO drivers with 64 samples audio buffer.

Regarding your problems with accuracy of playing, first check that you have rotated ps3 camera lens to the righmost position (the camera lens has two positions). second, please make sure to install the latest software and un-check "i have a camera stand" when you first launch the setup screen. then do the camera setup as shown on the screen (a man sitting on a chair). Make a copy of Big rock kit in Drumkits menu and re-position all drums through using the option from menu.

if you purchased used kit please make sure the markers are in good condition.

It is really hard to help you without seeing what actually you see on your screen, aerodrums is very complex software.

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