Aerodrums and Jamulus, the perfect pair for drummers (especially in this times).

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Aerodrums and Jamulus, the perfect pair for drummers (especially in this times).

Post by Wolfgang » Fri Oct 23, 2020 4:57 pm

Aerodrums already allows us to play drums at home without disturbing anyone, with Jamulus in addition, we can do the same, but with our band(s).

This is a follow up from these topics:

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Répétez avec votre groupe malgré le confinement.

For detailed information about how Jamulus hacks the space-time continuum to produce a near-perfect 5th dimension of collaborative sound, see this paper by Volker Fischer.

I’ve now tested Jamulus over 6 months, and it’s just fabulous. It’s not exactly the same like playing together in real, but it comes close if all is working right. Because you don’t have the same references, you need to get used to it (like with Aerodrums). If you need to wait for someone’s action before playing, you are already to late. Surly something good for developing an internal timing.

In one of the listed topics above Yann Morvan asked me, if I would like to try to do all this with an experimental 48 Khz Aerodrums version on just one computer. But I needed to find a way to get the output of Aerodrums into Jamulus, and I wanted to use Jack for this. But sadly I found a bug in Jamulus with Jack. (I’ve reported here)
It took just one week for them to get it fixed and the day after I organised this jam session with some friends. And they even didn’t know that I was recording.

What you see in this video is my computer-screen with Aerodrums, Jack control with opened connection window, Jamulus server and Jamulus client with config- and chat-windows opened. My little video I’ve overlayed later. In Jamulus you can see that there are 4 people connected (guitar, bass, sax and me), And what you hear is the mixed signal on the server, which is distributed to everyone.

Jamulus is not meant to replace real rehearsals, but can be a big help in a lot of special situations. Btw., imagine the time you win by not using public transportation.

And we haven’t finished with this f….n virus!

Video: Online-Jam with Jamulus and Aerodrums

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Re: Aerodrums and Jamulus, the perfect pair for drummers (especially in this times).

Post by Ringowig » Sat Nov 14, 2020 6:32 pm

Great work and a fantastic solution Wolfgang..we’ll done!

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