Is a Playstation 3 necessary

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Is a Playstation 3 necessary

Post by Dachrizzist » Thu Sep 24, 2015 6:26 am

Hello, I was thinking about possibly purchasing aerodrums in the somewhat near future. They seem like a great option as my kit stays at my bands practice space, but my practice pad is still a bit loud for my little apartment with my 1 year old daughter. It's a little expensive for me at the moment, which is why I said in the near future. However, I understand it utilizes a decent sized, high quality soundbank which is activated by an array of collider/contact points. It is comparably priced with any other drum soundbank software, but Aerodrum actually comes with the peripherals to trigger the soundbank. As well, the peripherals aren't a whole kit, but simply a pair of sticks and feet straps. For my concerns, it is even better because it is completely silent with headphones. Even the pads of my electric kit are still pretty noisy, require space, and are a playground for my daughter (one of the reasons it is now incorporated into my acoustic kit at our band room). Sorry for the preamble, but I was looking through the posts on here to see if my question was already answered, and I just wanted to say a few things first. Anyway, my question is: since a playstation 3 camera is required, does that mean a playstation 3 is also required? I have had an xbox360 for quite a while, but have never owned a Playstation 3. Does the camera, and subsequently this device, require a playstation 3, or is it universally recognized via USB? I assume Aerodrum uses the light technology they later developed into MOVE, and this is why the camera is required. I just have no experience with the playstation 3, and would obviously have to acquire one before purchasing this, if it is required.

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Re: Is a Playstation 3 necessary

Post by Espen » Thu Sep 24, 2015 6:54 am

You don't need Playstation3, just the Eye camera. It is very inexpensive (e.g. ... B0072I2240). The camera has a fixed USB cable that you plug to your computer. Circular LED light with USB cable comes with the Aerodrums package. The light will be assembled around the camera lens. It has a proper fitting already so you only have to put it in place.

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