Aerodrums and hi hat in NI Drumlab (info from NI)

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Aerodrums and hi hat in NI Drumlab (info from NI)

Post by CaBleman » Fri Jan 23, 2015 3:02 pm

Hi folks,

maybe some of you own or intend to buy Drumlab by Native Instruments and would like to use it with our beloved aerodrums. Generally, the two work fine together, except for the hi hat control.
As discussed here viewtopic.php?cache=1&f=2&t=66&start=10,
Drumlab does not regard CC foot controller data yet, which is a bummer.

Here is what NI came back with after I reported that issue to them:
thank you for contacting NI.

The feature is not implemented in Drum Lab yet. I`ve created a Feature Request for
this in our system.

Our Development Department is now aware of this problem and is working to find a
solution as quickly as possible, which will be available in a future update. Until
then, we kindly ask you for your understanding and thank you for your patience.
Who knows WHEN they actually will have fixed that... but it's a good signal and I'll update you on this here.


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