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My Live Recordings with Aerodrums

Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2018 6:02 pm
by eriklharper
For those who want to see what Aerodrums sounds like in a live situation, check out this playlist on my YouTube channel: ... 7TIGqOc7Ef

I'll continue to update that with more videos as they're created. A couple of videos on there are actual live performances with the kit as you can see, but the other ones of me doing solo songs I had pre-recorded the drum tracks with Aerodrums beforehand and played along with them. Overall I have found the experience of recording with Aerodrums very fun and satisfying with the built-in record feature. The only challenge I have is syncing up my playing with the recording, but part of that is me working on the timing of my playing and possibly getting something like a loop pedal that will allow me to trigger the drums at the exact second I need them to start or something. So far I've just been exporting the .wav file from Aerodrums, importing that into a GarageBand project that has the original recording in there as a separate track, syncing the two together and then using the waveform to determine the general timing of when the drums start.

Overall, the sound is great live and I'm very excited to record drums to more songs!