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Re: Feature requests

Posted: Sat Jul 12, 2014 12:02 am
by bangonthedrums
This is an amazing notation tool - i'm using it frequently now to capture ideas of rhythms and exercises as I practice, because it's so quick and easy to use.

So a couple of feature requests...

+1 for a mac version of Aered.

The ability to copy a PNG of the selected bars straight to the clipboard, so you can get snippets out easily without having to line up a screen grab, or export via PDF.

And finally perhaps some control over Ascii tab import. The tab i tried to import had 'b' as the ride cymbal bell, not a ruff. Other than that it worked amazingly.

Re: Feature requests

Posted: Sat Oct 25, 2014 2:23 pm
by LeHvass
Support for localized letters like æøå (I'm from Denmark).

I notice it has been a longer time since release. Is work still in progress in regards to a new update?


Re: Feature requests

Posted: Sun Oct 26, 2014 11:19 pm
by Richard
Thanks for the feature request. Localization is something we plan to work on in the new year, both for Aerodrums and Aered. As for Aered progress, the Mac version will be released around the end of the year and we will have news of new features soon after.

Re: Feature requests

Posted: Mon Dec 22, 2014 10:13 am
by jazon54

Firstly, thanks for your idea to offer drummers notation software adapted to their instrument!

For me one of the most important things to improve prior to the preceding limitations is to add the ability to simply write a drum score with 2 voices (hands over the feet, or bass drum / snare below the cymbals) to read easily drum scores...which may become necessary for complex rhythms.

Another nice thing would be to have the opportunity to swing the eighth notes (or sixteenth notes).

I am concient that your priority is probably the development of aerodrums, but do not minimize the potential for aered that can meet the needs of many drummers around the world! keep it simple!

I'll be happy to offer you a lot more than a sandwich for your great work if it really corespond to my needs (it looks good ;) )

Friendly regards,


Re: Feature requests

Posted: Wed Dec 31, 2014 3:25 pm
by Richard
Thanks for the feedback and your requests. As mentioned in my previous post, the Mac version of Aered will be available shortly and we will release a list of improvements and new features we're working on soon so people know what to expect in the new year.

Re: Feature requests

Posted: Wed Jan 14, 2015 2:56 pm
by gecka88
i really love your tool Aered and i can imagine it could developed as the standard tool for drummers, because it has a great easiness and user experience.
What i would love to see:
- midi Im/export
- An easy solution for left/right handset above the notes. The Annotations are not that useful for this. for me this would be important.
- One or two ledger lines above the existing ones for additional crashes or other stuff- this is very important!
- A possibilitie to define how often a part should repeated (above the repeat sign) - (for me not that important)
- That the Bass Drum and handed stuff are seperated logically. That would mean, that the Bass Drum notes are headed downwards and have independet values from the snare/hihat/etc. regarding pause symbols etc. - (for me not that important and it think that would be a fundemental code change ;))
- A lot of people are practicing with a notebook etc. maybe some practicing "tools" would be interesting, like repeat the whole song endless or with increasing tempo.
- a single line mode for snare drumming. maybe it is possible to create a setting how many lines should be used.
- I think generally the layout is OK, but i would suggest some possibilites for formatting. Like the space vertically between the lines, the boldness of the notes.
- Please do more advertising :D it was searching a longer time for a tool like that and it was hard to find. And i think there are a lot of people asking in forums for a software exactly like this.

Sorry for my english, i am from germany ;-)
Great work!

Re: Feature requests

Posted: Fri Jan 16, 2015 6:07 pm
by Richard
Thanks for the suggestions. Of the features you mentioned, adding the ability to specify a sticking line is a high priority for us. (The text annotations are definitely not appropriate for this.)
Adding repeat counts will also come soon and maybe the additional ledger lines since you're not the first person to request it.
As for the ability to control the stem direction for bass drum notes, this would be a big change so it's unlikely to happen before a lot of other features are implemented. It would be good to hear what others think about the importance of this. We decided early on that adding complexity to support this wasn't justified for a program that was intended to have a very simple and easy to use interface.
As for advertising, we're aware that Aered has low visibility on and it's something we hope to work on this year in addition to making better use of the domain (currently redirects to In the meantime please help us spread the word about Aered with your fellow drummers. Cheers!

Re: Feature requests

Posted: Mon Jan 26, 2015 12:19 pm
by Robert-Jan

I ve just downloaded the mac version, man this is one awesome tool!!
Thanks so much..

If I may suggest something, it would be very helpful to have a coda/dal segno/da capo sign and repeat numbers..(sorry I don't know the correct english word for this) like these.


Keep up the good work and I will continue spreading the word!

all the best,

Robert-Jan van Schoonacker.

Re: Feature requests

Posted: Fri Feb 27, 2015 6:16 pm
by Frank F. Blackrain

Thank you for your hard work, Aered is really helpful and definitely deserves to be known (as for Aerodrums !).

I would like to write sheets like in the Dante Agostini's books and so, I do have minor requests (that have been already made) :

+ Add a Hi hat line / height above the first one
+ Choose a symbol above a note to specifiy wich hand should be used
+ Possibility to separate Pedals layout from the hands
+ Specify a double stroke roll by adding a small bar on the note.


Re: Feature requests

Posted: Sun May 10, 2015 10:34 pm
by Kizufgsfds
I second the requests for midi import/export.
Also, it would be nice to be able to select from which channel (left-right) you hear the drum samples and the song. For example, drums on the left, song on the right, or viceversa. This would be great to check a transcription!