Non-Dummer Experience

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Non-Dummer Experience

Post by Ento » Fri May 05, 2017 8:20 am

Hello mates.

First of all, i'd want to thank with Richard and Yann to have created this awesome product.
I wanted to play a drum kit, since i was 12 (currently i'm 32).
With aerodrums, i have a possibility to do it!

I have to confess that i had never play any drum in my life. NEVER! Not only one single stroke on a snare drum.

So, i bought one Drumeo Package and some days ago, i started to follow the exercises.

I suppose that a Real Drum Kit is very different compared to Aerodrums, but it doesn't matter! Why? Because in my mind, i never played a real drum kit! :-) :-)

I found some difficulty to learn double stroker, especially on snare drum, but i suppose it is normal.

I have a classic practice pad, where i can understand what it a "real rebound".

Until now, i only want to say: thank you, because it is incredibile how i have fun using Aerodrums.

Only 2 question:

1) Can you create a little timer in front of drum kit, just to measure time during the exercises.

2) Is there a fastest way to stop/start metronome?

Thank you Richard, Thank you Yann

ps. i'm a Computer Science Engineer, and i really love your great work as a programmer!!

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Re: Non-Dummer Experience

Post by Richard » Thu May 11, 2017 1:09 am

Thank you for your kind words! It's great to hear you've started learning to drum with Aerodrums. I hope you will post some updates in the future to let us know how the experience goes.

Can you explain the purpose of the timer on the drumming screen? Is it just so you know how long you've been practicing a particular exercise?

The only way to toggle the metronome currently is by entering the menu, hitting the Metronome button and then hitting the Start/Stop button. It's tricky to come up with faster ways of performing operations like these but if you have any ideas we'd love to hear them.

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