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Re: Feature requests

Postby eriklharper » Thu Jul 19, 2018 7:16 pm

Couple feature ideas that would be nice:

1. Ability to save custom kits for use on other computers
2. Ability to add and remove drum components from a custom kit without having to reposition all of the drums again
3. Display toms in the UI according to their real-world size like the cymbals.
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Re: Feature requests

Postby Richard » Fri Jul 20, 2018 12:39 pm

Thanks for these ideas. This might help:

1. This is possible though it's not user friendly. The drum kits are stored as plain text files in the subfolder "conf\drumkits" (inside your Aerodrums folder on Windows or application bundle on Mac). You can copy these files between computers. If you're using custom element files then these will also need to be copied (from "data\elements").

2. After changing the pieces in a kit you will be asked to reposition them. However, there is a button on this screen labelled "Skip". If you hit this button for the current piece, it will preserve its position and move onto the next piece. So you can skip through all pieces already positioned and only reposition any new pieces that have been added.

3. I believe the relative size of the tom icons in the 2D display is correct, for example the 14" hihat icon is the same size as the 14" snare drum and the 14" floor tom. Then the 8"/10"/12" rack toms appear smaller.
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Re: Feature requests

Postby chrispo1972 » Fri Jul 20, 2018 8:54 pm

Hi there, just bought Aerodrums as a practice tool and Im still finding how to set it up properly. My suggestions would be a second reflector on the shaft of the drum stick which would allow the camera to distinguish the orientation of the drum stick in 3d. There also needs to be a way of easily setting dead zones where a player doesnt want a drum/cymbal to be triggered. It seems that ATM the ride cymbal seems to trigger far too often even if its put far into the corner.
many thanks for creating a silent practice tool Chrispo
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Re: Feature requests

Postby Wolfgang » Sun Jul 22, 2018 2:40 pm

2. Ability to add and remove drum components from a custom kit without having to reposition all of the drums again

Me (and I’m saying me) I’m still unable setting up a kit in space in one time and feeling comfortable playing all the stuff I’m playing normally. Maybe if there would be a feature like selecting a group of notes, eg. 5, and then doing a 5 stroke roll and I would have set 5 elements in one time, but sorry, I’m hitch-hiking your feature request. But I have to say that I’ve never tried to setup a kit with the new Aerodrums 3D, this is by the way a very nice feature.

Since I’ve started playing Aerodrums in front of other people, I’ve “cultivated” one kit, and this had taken even some weeks until I was satisfied and able to play what I have to without looking at the screen. And after I’ve set the “Is_Preset” flag so that I cannot modify it.

This same kit I’m using on all my computers. So if something isn’t working like I want I’m sure it’s my position to the camera (angle/distance).

Some months ago I’ve started doing my own samples for Aerodrums, but it had driven me crazy to have to set up a new kit every time just to hear them in Aerodrums. In one of the threads were I was speaking about my sampling experience I was saying that it would be nice if we could setup one kit in space and assigning the elements after, like you would do with an e-drum. Actually it’s like if you would have to change all your pads of your e-drums just for changing a sound!
But this was going under all the other stuff we was talking.

But I’ve found a working solution for me. This is even less user-friendly than Richard’s response on 1), because you have to edit the corresponding .ini file in the Aerodrums/conf/drumkits folder.

So what I’m doing is this:
My “cultivated” kit is named TEMPLATE and has it’s “Is_Preset” flag set to yes so that I cannot modify it accidentally. When I want to setup a new kit based on this one, I use the clone function in Aerodrums, give it the name I want, save and then shutdown Aerodrums completely. Just to make sure things don’t get overwritten, because Aerodrums writes things back to disk when it’s shutting down.
After I would open two folders side by side:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Aerodrums\data\elements
C:\Program Files (x86)\Aerodrums\conf\drumkits

In the first one I would see all the instruments with the extension .ele in alphabetic order. All my new elements I’ve named with this code which makes it’s easier for me to find them because they are listed by family:

CR21-AD1-Meinl Byzance Dark.ele
this gives
CymbalRide 21 AddictiveDrums-1 INSTRUMENT’sNAME

In the second one I would see beside all the kits the just cloned one with it’s extension .ini
Now I would open this one with my preferred text editor (Notepad++) positioning the window over the C:\Program Files (x86)\Aerodrums\conf\drumkits folder window, so that I still can see all the C:\Program Files (x86)\Aerodrums\data\elements window.
So now all I have to do is copying the name of all the instruments I want to use, one by one and without the extension .ele, and than paste them over the corresponding name in my cloned .ini file.
If I want I can “Is_Preset” flag set to yes so that I cannot modify it accidentally.
So in less than five minutes I would have setup a new kit which will respond like expected.
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