Bass pedal fast notes not played

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Bass pedal fast notes not played

Post by Nuno » Sun Jun 02, 2019 8:10 pm

Hy all.
I bought aerodrums 1 year ago and love it. It's the perfect solution to play in apartments, and great to teach to my kids.
I've been trying to improve my technique (my main instrument is guitar, not drums) and the problem, for now, is playing fast notes with the bass pedal.
The top left square is green, the graphics mode is #3 and sometimes #4 (without image), but the result is the same: when I play 3 notes, sometimes last note does not make any sound. The same when I play 2 fast notes.
I can hear my foot kicking the floor. Is it bad technique, or is this a common problem related to hardware or configuration?
Tried to search the forum, but didn't find any solution.

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Re: Bass pedal fast notes not played

Post by Richard » Tue Jun 04, 2019 10:31 am

Aerodrums will detect a bass drum hit when the reflective foot piece moves down and comes to a stop (as a result of your foot contacting the floor). As such, if you try to execute a hit by tapping your heel while keeping the ball of your foot on the floor, the foot piece will not move enough to register a hit. The easiest way to execute the required motion cleanly is to play with heel down technique (the heel stays on the floor and you tap with the ball of your foot) though it is also possible to play with heel up technique (see

You should also make sure the sensitivity of the bass drum in your kit is not set too low (the preset drum kits will not have this problem) and you may want to try set the 'Drum hit sensitivity' setting in the Aerodrums Latency menu screen to 'Expert' to see if that helps.

Feel free to share a video to demonstrate the problem if you still can't get it to behave the way you would like.

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