MIDI out problem (OSX)

MIDI out problem (OSX)

Postby matkatmusic » Wed May 21, 2014 11:25 pm

Howdy. Just picked this thing up. after messing around with it, it is AWESOME, I am HYPED!!!!!

I'm having problems getting it to show up as a midi device on OS X. I'm using the free program "MIDI Monitor" to spy on all midi ports and it's not detecting any notes coming from IAC Driver Bus 1. I have several midi devices on my system: Virus TI2, USB Uno MIDI Interface (my EWI is connected to it), StudioLogic Midi keyboard, and a little Arduino guy i built myself that acts as a midi transport control :-)

I'm on mavericks. 10.9.2 Once I know it's transmitting notes, i'll test it with Logic. I'm excited to get it workin' and make some music with it!

Also, i work with and am friends with a BUNCH of gospel producers in the US, and am tellin' them ALL about this piece of gear. it's AWESOME!!!! If you can't afford VDrums, or a real kit+mics+interface+nice room to record in, and you suck at finger drumming, this is the next best thing. so expect a bunch of new buyers reaaal soon!

Also, once in a while, the MIDI page doesn't display anything when I click the button, and I have to quit aerodrums to get it to display properly.
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Re: MIDI out problem (OSX)

Postby Sipaliwini » Wed May 21, 2014 11:35 pm

Sorry we're late releasing the fix for people with extra MIDI devices, it is coming in the next few days.
I am sending you a pm.
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