Positioning drum pieces on the screen with a mouse

Positioning drum pieces on the screen with a mouse

Postby Smasha » Sat Apr 23, 2016 5:44 am

I have great latency with the upper part of the kit but my pedals are no where near where my reflective dots are.
Can I use the mouse to left click and drag pieces n the screen?
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Re: Positioning drum pieces on the screen with a mouse

Postby Smasha » Sat Apr 23, 2016 6:06 am

I would love a setup routine where the program asks you to sit in your fav spot and then asks you to play the kick ,then it places the sweet spot right in the middle where your foot is landing and repaet for all the other pieces.
I just can't play this thing without touching the other drums especially the cymbals and I've been playing drums for over 40 years.
I am tall and have long arms.

P.S. I haven't played this for quite a while due to the frustration and decided to have another go.
Tried a million variations of moving the camera up and down,tiltig it up and down,moving my drum stool forward and back ,left and right but I just can't get a sweet spot and now am considering buying an edrum kit to fix my drumming frustration as I practice at least an hour a day now on my practice pad.

I suppose you can't really move pieces because it all depends on the vision the camera is receiving which makes the Aerodrums flawed.

Anyone with any tips on how to get this thing to see all the pieces in a drummers perspective,I would love to hear.

Just thinking if you could use cameras with a narrower lense and have different cameras for the upper and lower parts of the kit or that would probably be unfeasible with clashes of reflection.

That's really the problem I'm havingn with the aerodrums.
I get the uppper part of the kit right and the kicks are way out and vice versa.
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Re: Positioning drum pieces on the screen with a mouse

Postby Richard » Sun Apr 24, 2016 11:20 pm

No, you can't currently position the drum pieces with the mouse. The reason is that the pieces have a position in 3D space so positioning them at the location of the mouse cursor wouldn't be sufficient. When we move to a 3D interface it will make a lot more sense to let you position elements with a mouse interface since you'll see them rendered with 3D graphics instead of 2D. This is something we're considering now.

Regarding the pedals specifically, as long as your feet are visible to the camera, the positioning of the pedals shouldn't matter much - your foot doesn't need to be on top of the pedal icon to trigger it, it just needs to be closer to the intended pedal than to any other pedal. If there is only a kick and hihat pedal for example then it's hard to go wrong. I know you're a long time user but the obvious things are worth pointing out again: make sure that the Playstation Eye camera is tilted correctly, make sure the camera is on the blue dot setting for wide field of view and make sure that your feet/foot markers are angled in such a way that they are clearly visible to the camera.

I'm guessing a lot of your problems stem from your height. Really Aerodrums should be set up with the camera at the specified height and with the specified distance between the camera and your seat. With this setup, and with the camera tilted so that your feet are visible and tracked correctly, is your main problem then that you can't place the cymbals as high up as you would like?

We are working on robustifying the setup process to remove as much room for error as possible and we will test this with drummers of varying heights. If you don't mind me asking, how tall you are? Thanks.
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