Midi-Map Superior Drummer 3

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Midi-Map Superior Drummer 3

Post by groovemichan » Wed Jan 03, 2018 12:21 pm

Hi everybody,
i am using aerodrums with superior drummer 3 (stand alone version) and i still have trouble with the midimapping.
Tom 1 and Tom 2 always trigger the same (tom 2) midinote in sd 3. i tried to change the mapping in aerodrums, but no result.
So i am not sure if it is a stupid user fault, or if there is a bug in the mapping of aerodrums?
Anyone with the same issue, or with a sd 3 ready Mapping template to share?

Thanks a lot,
best regards,

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Re: Midi-Map Superior Drummer 3

Post by Richard » Fri Jan 05, 2018 9:09 pm

Sorry Sebastian, we haven't made a map for Superior Drummer 3 yet. We will try to get hold of a copy soon and make an official map.

Which Aerodrums map are you testing with Superior Drummer 3? Are you using the map we released for Superior Drummer 2? If not, could you try that to see if the toms work?

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Re: Midi-Map Superior Drummer 3

Post by jj123 » Wed Jan 10, 2018 7:24 pm

Actually Superior Drummer 3 comes with an Aerodrums e-drums setting. I currently use the default midi mapping in Aerodrums and the Aerodrums e-drums setting in Superior Drummer 3. It seems to work fine, though I'm using a modified Big Rock Kit on Aerodrums that includes 8in, 10in, 12in, 14in, 16in toms instead of the default 10in, 12in, 14in toms. With this setup the 8in, 10in, 14in aerodrums toms trigger the three hanging toms on Superior Drummer 3, and the 14in, 16in toms trigger the two floor toms.

So it seems that it works as it should, but so far I've tried only with the "pop/rock ninety one" kit on superior drummer 3 with an added third hanging tom. If I remove the third hanging tom from superior drummer kit, both the 10in and 12in aerodrums toms will trigger the second largest hanging tom on superior kit because the third hanging tom is missing from the superior kit. Thus, some manual effort is always required to match your Aerodrums kit with your Superior kit.

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