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camera issue win 7 ultimate x64 sp1

PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2017 1:16 am
by bkmsx
hi, so i'm stuck, although a long time user.

i had to do a reinstall of my OS onto a new SSD drive, and expected reinstallation of aerodrums to be no problem, but can't get camera working:

device manager says playstation eye camera installed under libusb-win32 drivers plus a usb camera-b4 .09.24.1 in sound video and game controllers.
aerodrums starts ok no camera warning..

se tup to position the camera has a black backround,
on the lighting settings page its white with occasional red bits visually reminicent of a glitchy computer screen.

i have two cameras and they do work!

tried separate driver install, removal/deletion of anything, reinstall, remove aerodrums from anywhere (my old installation is on a dying drive still visible to system) and a service pack update.

any clue would be helpful because i wish to finish re-setting up my studio so can start on some recording, asap!


Re: camera issue win 7 ultimate x64 sp1

PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2017 2:06 am
by bkmsx
futher investigation reveal the problem to be due in part to me switching to usb interface ( rme babyface) and when unplugged i get some joy although i do get graphics warnings i didn't have before.

i thought thre would b plenty of bandwidth to go around and had no problems with other usb interfaces on other computers.. any tips to avoid would be appreciated whilst i delve further.. cheers

Re: camera issue win 7 ultimate x64 sp1

PostPosted: Sat Jan 28, 2017 5:37 am
by bkmsx
Rather than unwire my quite complex array of USB devices and endlessly toubleshoot trying various ports to see if I can avoid this rme USB interface Clash with pseye camera, I have tried a workaround which earl tests show could be pretty useful so I'll describe:

Basically I have used a lower spec pc/laptop running aerodrums in midi only + no audio 'mode' - so not very taxing on that machine, sending the midi out over a LAN cable using ipmidi - received by reaper and addictive drums on my main machine using the rme device, utilising it's low latency and the fact that we are only dealing with its output latency which could be as low as 1.5 or 2 ms. :D

The ipmidi claims high midi reliability over LAN and latency as low as 0.5ms . If aerodrums indeed has internal latency at ~8ms , your looking at a hit to ear of trip of sub 10ms. Yay.

This sharing of load over two machines also seems quite a useful scenario for aerodrums as part of a studio based project e.g. if user has a large session ongoing on the main machine and a single little pc dealing only with the not-insignificant graphical/camera demands & sending the main machine drum midi to do with as it pleases.

Sending the midi from one pc to another over LAN connection isn't strictly necessary of course but could prove more robust and high performance compared to random midi ports or old style cabling.

Now my plan to record an epic EP of where I stand 2017 can commence after a bit of drum practice...