Feature requests

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Re: Feature requests

Post by eriklharper » Thu Jul 19, 2018 7:16 pm

Couple feature ideas that would be nice:

1. Ability to save custom kits for use on other computers
2. Ability to add and remove drum components from a custom kit without having to reposition all of the drums again
3. Display toms in the UI according to their real-world size like the cymbals.

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Re: Feature requests

Post by Richard » Fri Jul 20, 2018 12:39 pm

Thanks for these ideas. This might help:

1. This is possible though it's not user friendly. The drum kits are stored as plain text files in the subfolder "conf\drumkits" (inside your Aerodrums folder on Windows or application bundle on Mac). You can copy these files between computers. If you're using custom element files then these will also need to be copied (from "data\elements").

2. After changing the pieces in a kit you will be asked to reposition them. However, there is a button on this screen labelled "Skip". If you hit this button for the current piece, it will preserve its position and move onto the next piece. So you can skip through all pieces already positioned and only reposition any new pieces that have been added.

3. I believe the relative size of the tom icons in the 2D display is correct, for example the 14" hihat icon is the same size as the 14" snare drum and the 14" floor tom. Then the 8"/10"/12" rack toms appear smaller.

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Re: Feature requests

Post by chrispo1972 » Fri Jul 20, 2018 8:54 pm

Hi there, just bought Aerodrums as a practice tool and Im still finding how to set it up properly. My suggestions would be a second reflector on the shaft of the drum stick which would allow the camera to distinguish the orientation of the drum stick in 3d. There also needs to be a way of easily setting dead zones where a player doesnt want a drum/cymbal to be triggered. It seems that ATM the ride cymbal seems to trigger far too often even if its put far into the corner.
many thanks for creating a silent practice tool Chrispo

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Re: Feature requests

Post by Jabilari » Sun Aug 11, 2019 7:12 pm

Hola!! Por problemas con Mac Mojave....(Ya mandé anteriormente mi queja, y espero se solucione pronto),..... tengo que trabajar en modo de graficos rapidos #2....... Me resulta molesto, ver todo el rato el aviso de que estoy en ese modo. Estaria mejor poner una abreviatura al lado de los Frames. Tambien sugiero que quiten o dar la opcion de quitar, lo de lo "Marcadores de la mano - Marcadores de los pedales". Es obvio y no lo veo necesario. Aparte deciros, que estoy encantado con Aerodrums.
Muchas gracias!!

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Re: Feature requests

Post by rainsoul » Thu Jan 09, 2020 3:11 am


here are some ideas that i think can improve the product further. just some food for thought.

1) reflector:
a) research a material for stick reflectors that is a lot more durable or ideally indestructible when you hit an actual drum head or practice pad
b) Find a way to attach the sensor on a stick (different part of the stick perhaps which does not come in contact with a drum head) or some other creative or innovative way to do this so that the actual reflector does not come in contact with the drum head, so it will not receive any physical impact. but it still provides the correct data to camera sensor (or maybe the software process the data differently) in order to play the correct samples.

If somehow this could be made possible, you actually have a fully functional electronic kit, users can buy their own mesh heads or practice pads, and design their own physical electronic kit. So you have 2 in 1 functionality. Silent drums for air drumming and an electronic kit with actual rebounds from pads when that is your need or requirement for even more realistic practice

2) make custom drum heads for aerodrums: make some innovative drum heads which can replicate the rebound of an actual drum head but the material is such that it does not damage the reflectors.

Either of the above two ideas or both in combination could take the product to the next level. my 2 cents

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Re: Feature requests

Post by Richard » Fri Jan 10, 2020 11:23 am

Thanks for this feedback. Some of our customers have made their own mods along these lines. Here are a few that spring to mind:

"Aerodrums Demo using modified sticks & mesh head"

"CREATE your own ELECTRONIC DRUMKIT for $350! (and sounds great !)"

"Softdrums for Aerodrums"

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Re: Feature requests

Post by rainsoul » Fri Jan 10, 2020 12:36 pm

nice, the set up in second link feels like the best option and very doable and pretty much as good as an electronic kit. i might buy just a single practice pad with the stick mods to experiment. thanks for the links!

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Kit Piece ‘Audition’ feature

Post by Ringowig » Tue Apr 06, 2021 12:00 pm

Hi All,

I was thinking recently a handy feature would be the ability to ‘audition’ a kit piece or ‘element’ during the kit assembling process. Even just a mouse click to trigger the element would be very useful just so you can hear it before inserting into the kit you’re creating.
I’ve used a kind of workaround of sorts by recording kit pieces in the Aerodrums recorder, then naming them as individual recordings so I can at least hear them within Aerodrums before I build a kit.

Cheers and best wishes to everyone!

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