Second attempt!

Second attempt!

Postby Crazyman » Tue Jul 07, 2015 1:39 am

This is the second time I am posting in this forum about my decision of returning Aerodrums, I bought it from Amazon, I live in Nebraska, USA, running a Windows 8.1 laptop, having latency issues where the movements of my hands don't match the velocity of what's being played. It has been very frustrating so far. I got it like 2 weeks ago. Time is running out to return it. What is the standard procedure to return it. Again, my last post was never published. I am still waiting for some "administrator" to approve my previous post. I hope this one can be approved in immediately.
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Re: Second attempt!

Postby Sipaliwini » Fri Jul 17, 2015 9:51 am

I am really sorry about the delay replying, there is an issue with the forum that causes us to miss some first posts waiting for approval (we have had to turn this on because of spam).

Currently, the standard procedure to return Aerodrums in the USA is to log in to your Amazon account, locate the order in your Orders panel, then follow the instructions to start the return process.

I am sorry it is too late, but it sounds like you were experiencing latency issues. If Aerodrums performance indicator was green, the most likely causes are:

1) Using Bluetooth headphones. These are not designed for playing music, they introduce a lot of delay.
2) Aerodrums having to fall back on the default Windows audio API. When this happens, the WASAPI options are greyed out in the Latency screen. Clicking on the question mark next to these options brings up an explanation of the Windows sound settings to change to allow Aerodrums to use the WASAPI API
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