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Advice on setting up

Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 12:51 pm
by guranbanan

Received my Aerodrums yesterday but am struggling a bit trying to setup everything perfectly. So I have a few questions I hope to find an answer to:

1. What's the best relative position and angle between the camera and the drummer's seat? My interpretation of the instructions is that the camera is supposed to be about 20 cm to the right from the drummers point of view. Then I have to turn the camera in order for the drummer's seat to match the drawing in the setup screen. Is that correct?

2. If the above is correct, am I supposed to look straight ahead and not turn to the direction of the camera?

3. How should I interpret the markings of the pedals? If I don't turn to the angle of the camera the marking of the left foot is much smaller than the right. And something I find quite odd is that if I move my feet forward, the markings move backward. And also, I have to put my feet much closer to the camera in order for the "velocity indicators" (the grey shading that covers a small area when playing softly and a large area when playing hard) to show. What should the correct behaviour of the markers and these indicators be, in relation to my feet's movements?

4. Is there a recommended seat height? I'm using a TAMA standard drummer's seat adjusted to a height of 46 cm (18").

Although I haven't got it working properly yet I am very hopeful and I think that after more experimenting with angles, distance, heights and more I'll be able to experience the same degree of exactness the videos give an example of. Maybe with clarification regarding the matters raised above, I'll reach that point more quickly.

Thanks in advance! :)

Re: Advice on setting up

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2018 6:44 pm
by Richard
Hi, first of all, if you're having a lot of difficulties please make sure that the camera is on the wide angle/blue dot setting (the lens should be rotated fully clockwise).

The factors you mentioned are important but they shouldn't result in a bad experience if you're slightly off with any of them. The best thing to do to ensure a good result is to use the "Adjust Drums" button to re-position the drums where you want them. This should fix any issues you're encountering.

To answer your questions:

1. Yes, your interpretation is correct.

2. Yes, you should look straight ahead as opposed to facing the camera. (The reasoning behind this is a bit technical and would require some diagrams to explain but we plan to make a video to explain this stuff soon.)

3. It is strange that the left and right foot markers appear different sizes. If you can email a screenshot to it would be useful. In any case, you shouldn't move your feet to "fix" the on-screen behaviour. The pedal behaviour adjusts based on what your feet are doing and is not sensitive to the exact positioning of your feet, as long as they are clearly visible to the camera. Of course, if what you hear from the pedals is not what you expect then there is an issue but it is best to not pay much attention to the on-screen pedal indicators.

4. The height of a normal table chair is ideal (sorry, not sure off hand what the measurement is). If you're using a drum stool you might need to reduce its height compared to how you normally have it.

Like I mentioned earlier I suggest cloning a preset kit and repositioning the pieces to see if that improves the behaviour. If you're still having issues let us know and we can dig into it further.

Re: Advice on setting up

Posted: Sat Mar 24, 2018 10:58 pm
by guranbanan
Thanks for the tips! And the clarifications regarding correct usage. It helped! Now I've set up a custom kit with custom samples and everything works like a charm. The feel is amazing, and I'm convinced this whole 'no rebound'-thing is really good for my hand technique.
One thing I think could be improved is adding a feature to send out midi data for both left and right hands. But I've mentioned that already, in the feature request thread. :)