How to edit my Steven Late iom mapping file for convenience

How to edit my Steven Late iom mapping file for convenience

Postby stemage » Fri May 06, 2016 11:44 pm

Hi! I have so many templates and kits set up in Slate/Reaper already, and while having the aerodrums iom file for slate is convenient, it would be even MORE convenient if I could edit the file for creating my own map defaults. This would save the headache of having to manually move all my performed notes after recording because I am using a different set of drum standards for Slate.

Is there any documentation out there for Slate's IOM standard, or easy ways to generate that file? I could open it in Notepad++ for the sake of looking around, but it's such a mess of numbers. Even a reference sheet for what Aero drum numbers are would be helpful. I assume it's a list of what Aero's drums numbers are - pointing to relevant midi notes?

EVEN MORE AMAZING would be remapping the openness of the hihats to different notes instead of the footpedal. I could probably handle that if I just had a bit more information about what I'm working with re: Aero drum numbers and parameters.

Great product and software!
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Re: How to edit my Steven Late iom mapping file for convenie

Postby Richard » Mon May 09, 2016 10:10 pm

Sorry, we're not aware of any documentation for the .iom file format. You might be able to figure it out by changing the mapping for one drum, then saving the file and doing a diff with the previous version of the file to see what changed. The MIDI table here might also be useful:

Though I'd say your best bet is to contact Steven Slate support directly: ... quests/new
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