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Might be kinda fun to show up at a gig wearing the paper sunglasses.
But, what's the deal?
None of the vids have the player wearing any type of shades.
Are they really needed?
Or is it possible to position things such that it's not a problem?
Just wondering.
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Re: Sunglasses

Postby Sipaliwini » Wed Jun 04, 2014 3:52 pm

The need for sunglasses depends on the drummer and on the environment.
The lamp is about as bright as an old style 60W lamp, so if you look at it directly, it can dazzle you. If your environment is dark, it can also feel uncomfortable to have that bright spot in the corner of your vision.
We provide the sunglasses for these reasons.

At NAMM, the environment was so bright that I can't recall anyone mentioning the brightness of the light. But when I use Aerodrums late at night with very little light around me, it bothers me. A gig environment is likely to be quite dark, and Jon has already mentioned that his guitarist wasn't very happy about the light on stage.

You can setup Aerodrums so that the light is further out of the way of your vision (and others'). It can still be frustrating to let your eyes wonder as you drum and look at the light inadvertently. For those who don't want to consciously avoid looking at the light, sunglasses are useful.
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