Hihat closed by default and new gesture for roll

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Hihat closed by default and new gesture for roll

Post by johnnyM1984 » Mon Mar 06, 2017 1:45 pm

Hello, Richard and Yan.

I am sorry for this question, maybe you have already answered it, but I could not find it on the forum.

I am playing Aerodrums standing only with drum sticks, so I do not put on foot markers. I am pretty fine with this setup but few things makes me upset: it is hihat and drum rolls.

I know that with pedal markers on the foot I can close hihat down, but when I start playing only with sticks hihat becomes always opened. Can this behavior be changed so that hihat was always closed until I open open it with foot marker? Because I use mostly only 2 positions for hat (closed and fully opened), I would try to configure for myself the closed hihat by default and small circlre on its corner (like one on the ride) for open position.

Also I miss the ability to make fast rolls on a snare drum. I know that you've posted about rebound technique but this is not a fast drum roll anyway. I suggest to implement a gesture in your program for a drum roll on a snare. The user could control the moment when the roll begins, the moment when the roll ends and the immediate volume of next beat in a roll. The gesture that starts the roll could be hit of a snare simultaneous by both hands. Now to stop the roll the user should distance markers from each other in both directions or in any one direction (you can indicate on a drum screen that roll began by drawing a circle; when the user leaves the circle the drum stops and circle disappears). If you drag stick up the volume of next beats in a roll have increased volume).

Do you think is it possible to implement? I would be happy to help you with implementing these changes and would be happy to apply as a tester.

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Re: Hihat closed by default and new gesture for roll

Post by Richard » Wed Mar 08, 2017 8:26 pm

Hi, if I understood you correctly, the hihat behaviour you're looking for should already be possible with the hihat clutch feature. You can find this under:
Menu -> Adjust Drums -> Hi-hats & Cymbals -> Hi-hat Clutch
Here you'll be able to set the hihat to be fully closed when no foot marker is controlling it - that includes the case where you are only using sticks. Once you put on a foot marker you'll be able to control the hihat as normal. Or, if you prefer, you could set up two hihats - one that is always fully closed and one that is always open.

As for drum rolls, this is tricky. We have tried to design Aerodrums to feel as close as possible to playing on a real drum kit and as such we have avoided introducing gestures to trigger things. I think it's difficult to make gesture detection work robustly while drumming. For example, there's a fine line between playing a tight flam on the snare and hitting it with both sticks at the same time (your suggested gesture). I think that your best bet is to source some drum roll .wav files, set up a custom element using them and add this element to your kit. We have experimented with this in the past and the results were pretty good. By playing alternating strokes you can keep a smooth roll going as long as you want. We will consider adding new elements for this in a future release.

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