F#1 required !

F#1 required !

Postby Jihem » Mon Jan 23, 2017 11:20 pm


This my second day testing this amazing thing ! This is really fun and surprinsingly playable, but I'm afraid I will have to send it back to the shop...

I'm a solo performer playing guitar over MIDI backing tracks. No computer on stage, I only use a Yamaha Motif Rack ES as a sound module. I bought Aerodrums to record more realistics drum parts in my MIDI songs, but this is useless because the hi-hat only sends A#1 notes instead of the usual F# defined by the MMA for General Midi instruments. I understand that this has been thought for virtual drum kits such as Superior Drummer 2.0 and others, but some of us still use hardware devices with fewer settings, that don't respond to CC for the openness of the hi-hat.

Maybe a Midi scripting VST plugin would allow me to replace every A#1 with F#1 in real time as long as the last received value of CC#4 is below a given threshold, but I don't manage to find such a plugin. The Midi transformer of Cubase doesn't include conditions nor variables for this operation.

I hope that you will offer your users a workaround or a new parameter to allow us to play on a GM drum kit.

Best regards and congratulations for this marvelous product !

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Re: F#1 required !

Postby Richard » Mon Jan 30, 2017 2:05 pm

There is a hidden workaround described in the post linked to below that will send separate notes for open and closed hi-hat hits instead of using CC4.

If you haven't returned your Aerodrums yet you might want to try that out. The next Aerodrums software update (which will hopefully be available by the end of the week) will also have support for custom MIDI maps. This feature will allow you to you define which MIDI note gets sent for each drum.
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