customizable midi out per drum element

Re: customizable midi out per drum element

Postby CaBleman » Fri Jan 09, 2015 7:39 pm

Thank you for your assessment. And also thank you for all your help and offers for workarounds.
Highly appreciated!

Yes, the MDrummer "hack" does resolve that to an extent. I'm still waiting for an answer from NI on the (future) CC support of Drumlab...
(BTW, you must be a NI customer as well, would you care to submit a presales question to them regarding this? If so, here you go:

And that you're not a multi-billion company (yet ;) ) makes you even more charming.
It feels good to support you guys and your ideas by purchasing your stuff.

I genuinely regard your invention as ingenious! As it will evolve, it will change the MIDI Drum Controller Scene forever,
not only for professionals but also for wannabe drummers (like me ;) ) or even non-drummers. Don't miss out on the latter target groups, they usually just want to get some drum sounds and/or patterns into a DAW with more than pads and fingers ;)

It's not uncommon, that I regularly bump into weak or unknown areas of products, be it soft- or hardware.
Sometimes because I have special use cases, sometimes because I would like to use products out of (intended) context.
Actually I hope that all my issues, observations and findings contribute to the evolution of Aerodrums, too.

After all, I wish it would be different and just work OOTB for my setup.
I'm confident that we will get there!


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