Saw these on Dragons Den and...

Saw these on Dragons Den and...

Postby rustyintegrale » Tue Jan 26, 2016 8:20 pm


Totally spellbound by these and amazed. I've always wanted to play drums (my Uncle did) but worried about the cost of kit, noise and space required.

So are these suitable for a newbie? I've never drummed in my life but love music and my feet and hands are always buzzing'!

I can't believe those Dragons screwed up!

Thanks and good luck with it all guys!


Rich :D
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Re: Saw these on Dragons Den and...

Postby eagleeyez » Mon Feb 01, 2016 9:45 pm


I am also new, but of course you can learn as you most probably already use your hands and feet to the beat.

I do not have the opportunity to play LOUD as I live in an appartement…….Now with Aerodrums I do!!
I saw it too on Dragon’s Den for the first time, although I have wanted it for years. The Dragon’s did not screw-up, they just missed a very, very, very big opportunity. Richard and Yan will nail it and Dragon’s will regret it. Just wait, this technology, more so the algorithm should not actual exist until 2020. So we can enjoy it now.
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