Setup help (cross talk)

Setup help (cross talk)

Postby eirlysbill » Mon Dec 21, 2015 11:18 am


I've gone over the setup info numerous times, but I'm still getting "cross talk". Not sure if that's the correct term, but in the RH, three tom, rock kit, I'm constantly hitting the left high tom, when I raise too far to hit the snare. Same for when I hit the high hat, many times I end up hitting the crash. Interestingly, the right side seems better (in relation to other high tom, the floor tom and the ride) But this might be, because I'm using the snare and high hat predominantly.

I've tried repositioning the individual drums, a lot, and tried changing the sensitivity (in case that made a difference). I've got it better, but it's still happening, far too much. It is useable for practice, but it still not close to a physical kit, in this regard. Has anyone else struggled with this? Is this just the nature of the beast, and I've just got to live with it, until improvements come? Or, would the devs or anyone else, have some advice that would help me perfect my setup?

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Re: Setup help (cross talk)

Postby Panthos » Sat Oct 29, 2016 1:34 pm

I have the same problem when I play the hihats my swing although not hitting the drum fires the small tom.
I to am having problems practising with this.
Any advice anyone
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Re: Setup help (cross talk)

Postby Richard » Sun Oct 30, 2016 12:08 am

The first thing I would try is to reposition the drum pieces using the "Place one drum" menu option ( The preset drum kits have the drums spaced very close together so you will probably benefit a lot from spacing them out a bit more. (Note that this requires your kit to be editable so if using one of the preset drum kits, you will need to clone it first.)

I would also try to intentionally reduce how far you swing the stick back in preparation for hitting a drum, even if this is not your normal playing style. If you cover a lot of distance when moving the sticks around you are a lot more likely to trigger another drum unintentionally. So try to keep your backswing short when hitting the hihat and see if this helps.
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