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Post by andy » Sun May 04, 2014 1:44 pm

I dont know where ive been as ive just today come across this product.
I was initially looking at purchasing an electronic kit but since seeing the reviews and vids on Aerodrums im nearly sold !
Although ive been playing a while now ive recently gone back to basics with a teacher to brush up on my technique.
This product looks like it relies on correct technique and could be the answer to my problems and help me move along.
So i suppose im asking , yes i can see it could be used as a fun product but can it be used in a more serious environment such as recording
and even gigging?
Many Thanks for a great product


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Re: Sceptical

Post by Sipaliwini » Sun May 04, 2014 3:22 pm

Hello, don't worry, Aerodrums was only launched 3 months ago ;)
We definitely intend it as a proper musical instrument. For gigging, the main thing to be careful about is the lighting: bright objects/lights near and behind the drummer can throw it off. Jon posted videos of him using Aerodrums in a live setting. The room was bright compared to most venues, but there weren't any lights effects around him. Here's the thread link:


We really want people to be able to use Aerodrums for gigs, so we will give advice and work on additional features to help with that.

For recording, you can record from within Aerodrums and output your performance as a wav file. This is what Richard uses when he makes his covers. You can also output MIDI as you play and record that in a DAW.
Here's a link to one of Richard's covers:

Tell your teacher about Aerodrums and ask him what he thinks (make sure he sees the video about rebound).

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