First outing Live last week

First outing Live last week

Postby slavedave » Tue May 05, 2015 11:09 am

Hi forum!
Ventured out with aerodrums for the first time last weekend. I was playing in a large gymnasium with natural light from large windows on one side wall, so I positioned myself with the camera facing away from the windows as far as I could (approx 30 feet away). Starting playing at approx 10.15am and played intermittently through to about 12.30pm (2 1/4 hours). Mostly went without a hitch, but I noticed that the triggering went a little awry towards the end of the time. I suspect this was due to the light intensity increasing in the room. it wasn't a particularly bright day so I would expect it to be worse on a hot summer morning. This factor alone may mean that this particular application won't be suitable for aerodrums in the long term.
However, everything else was peachy! I forewent using aerodrums to trigger my Addictive Drums VST on the first occasion to make the set up as straightforward as possible. Peoples comments on the stock sounds were really favourable (I used the piccolo snare) and it blended really well with the rest of the band. I suspect it may have been a little visually distracting for some people there but it was the first time they had experienced aerodrums (I would have preferred to have been a little more concealed by other band members to aid this fact).
I will give it another go in the future if I get to sub on percussion / drums again and will update using it as a vst trigger live if I go that route (playing AD at home through headphones NEVER has a problem, so it should be fine).

Thanks aerodrums!
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