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Custom Samples

Posted: Thu Mar 06, 2014 10:20 am
by BrettHeaslewood
Good Morning,

Just signed up and I'm looking to place an order for the Aerodrums kit this week, however thought I'd stop by here for some information.

Apologies if these have already been answered elsewhere.

#1. Are the drum samples hard coded into the program, or are we able to swap them in and out of the source folder. i.e if DRUMKIT1 has a kick drum sample titled "Kit1-KickDrum1.wav" is it possible for me to replace the file with a personal sample, and have it titled the same. (I'd make a backup of the source to revert to)

#2. Is there a Metronome function?

#3. I am able to put in place an light object to hit as a snare to try and and get some rebound? I've seen the tutorial about playing in a different style, but I was just wondering.

Will update if I think of more questions.


Re: Custom Samples

Posted: Fri Mar 07, 2014 5:00 pm
by Sipaliwini
Hello Brett,

about custom samples, Aerodrums lets you specify a directory of your own samples to create a new drum or cymbal for your kits. You can compose new drum kits that can contain both drums/cymbals that we provide and some that you added yourself. You specify directories instead of individual samples because of dynamics. Aerodrums will sort your samples by increasing volume and use this or that sample depending on how hard you hit. You can still place a single sample in the directory but you won't get dynamics. When we add Midi support, you will be able to trigger samples banks of your choice.

There is a built-in metronome.

With the current design, you can't hit a drum or a practice pad with the sticks we provide, because the motion capture markers at the tip are fragile (they are fragile because we wanted them to be as light as possible to keep the feel of a drum stick). A few people have asked us your question, so we are thinking about ways to make it work.

I hope you decide to place an order.

Re: Custom Samples

Posted: Tue Mar 11, 2014 3:42 pm
by BrettHeaslewood
Thanks for the reply, sorry for the late one on my behalf.

The sample directories sounds great.
Still a bit confused about sorting out dynamics though, do you mean it'll automatically sort out the samples volume wise or would I need to create a duplicate of my sample at different volumes?

Could I manage a kit and choose what sample triggers upon how hard I hit?

Can you show a print screen of what the sample banks in Aerodrum look like, just for a better understanding.

Looking forward to testing this kit out!

EDIT - What are the benefits of the super cool glasses as seen in this picture > ... L1500_.jpg <

or are they just an addition to make you feel super cool ;)

Sorry to ask all the questions, just trying to get as much information from a direct source!

Hope you're well!

Re: Custom Samples

Posted: Wed Mar 12, 2014 12:24 pm
by Sipaliwini

in Aerodrums, like on a real kit, if you hit a drum at two different speeds, it is not only the volume that is different, but also the nature of the sound.
If you plan to only use one sample, you don't need to create samples of different volumes from it, just place that sample in a directory then point Aerodrums to it.
Then it will automatically adjust the volume of your sample depending on how fast you hit that drum/cymbal.

We recommend that you use several samples (obtained from hitting the recorded drum/cymbal at different speeds).
You have some control of which sample triggers for a given hit speed through the Adjust drums -> Volume and sensitivity menu. This lets you adjust the response curve of each drum, which maps how hard you hit to sample choice and volume.

When you create a new drum kit element from your own samples, we create a file out of them that is optimized for fast loading. The samples we ship with Aerodrums are in this format, so unfortunately you cannot see a directory or the individual samples. However, there is an explanation in the manual of how to organize your samples depending on the type of element you are creating (hand drum, foot drum, or hi-hat), here is the link:

Here is an example for the simple case of a hand drum: let's say you have 30 samples for the right hand named r1.wav to r30.wav and 30 samples for the left hand named l1.wav to l30.wav.
First you create a directory to contain everything, let's name it "MySnare".
Then you create a directory named "r" in MySnare and place r1 to r30.wav in it.
Then you create a director named "l" in MySnare and place l1 to l30.wav in it.
Finally in Aerodrums you go to "Drum kits", select a kit and click "Edit" (you can't edit preset kits so you need to have "Cloned" a drum kit first), then under the "Available elements" list, click "New", name the new element, select "Snare" in the list, click "Browse" and use the directory browser to select the MySnare directory you made, then click "Create".

Here's a view of the MySnare directory to be clear:

Code: Select all

(P.S. sorry those 'l's look a lot like '1' s)

Re: Custom Samples

Posted: Wed Mar 12, 2014 12:34 pm
by Sipaliwini
Sorry I forgot to answer about the glasses. I wish they were only there for the cool factor, but we include them for eye protection.
Even though the light we use is several times less bright than an old 60W bulb, the light can dazzle you if you look at it directly. There are ways to setup your computer and camera to make it less likely (see the manual:, picture just before "How to wear the markers"), but we felt it was better to encourage people to protect their eyes and provide a way to do so.

Re: Custom Samples

Posted: Fri Mar 28, 2014 4:27 pm
by BrettHeaslewood
I'll be rocking them glasses from dusk till dawn tomorrow.
Order placed, due for arrival tomorrow! :D

Just mentioned to an overseas friend, who said he'll be investing too!

Re: Custom Samples

Posted: Sun Mar 30, 2014 9:17 pm
by BrettHeaslewood
Received yesterday, got them all setup had a wee go then had to go running around looking for mothers day gifts!

Today however! I can't stop, been on them the majority of the day and there fantastic!