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It works quite nicely with free MT Power Drum Kit 2 Sampler

PostPosted: Sat Jan 10, 2015 6:44 pm
by CaBleman
'lo airy drumma fellas,

I'd like to report that after applying the so called "MDrummer" hack to the Aerodrums config file (please ask Yann or Richard for it),
it works quite nicely with the hi hat of the free MT Power Drum Kit 2...
Since it does not seem support MIDI CC, it wasn't much fun w/o the fix mentioned above.

Please see the web site here:
I'm not affiliated in any way, it's just a recommendation for the drummer noobs and and curious amongst us.
Specialties are the mixer with compressors and the groove builder with _glueable_ parts.

There is only one set of samples, recorded and extracted in an unusual way - please read yourself if interested.
So soundwise it's not very flexible but IMHO sounding good (for a free product...). And yeah, the groove builder is always good for an inspiration ;)

Have fun,