Q about goofy setups

Q about goofy setups

Postby CaBleman » Thu Dec 25, 2014 3:34 pm

Hi there,
I'd like to ask whether the following setups are possible:

a) "goofy foot" setup: As a righthander I would like to use my left foot for the kick and the right foot for the hi hat. My left foot/leg is the "strong" one, in boarding sports this is referred to as "goofy" stance (as opposed to regular). Doable with aerodrums?

b) "Moe Tucker lying kick" setup:
Moe Tucker, the former drummer of the Velvet Underground (Lou Reed's band in the 2nd half of the 1960s), could not really play when she was asked to fill in for somebody else. She created a peculiar technique, where she played the lying kick drum with sticks. She did not use her feet at all, she was standing up most on the time.
Anyway, for some projects I would like to use this as well, but I guess this had to be sampled first?
Could I use, for experiments, a kick drum sound on a tom?

Thx & bye,

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Re: Q about goofy setups

Postby Sipaliwini » Fri Dec 26, 2014 12:09 am


yes you can place your pedals the way you want them. The preset kits use the standard setup for kick and hi-hat, but you can copy them to create your own kits and then switch the pedals around.

The kick pieces that come with Aerodrums are hard coded to be triggered by foot, but we can make kick pieces available via download that will trigger with the sticks.

You can also create your own pieces using your own samples, and when you do this, you specify what kind of piece it is (e.g. custom piece triggered by sticks). So you could make a new piece with kick samples triggered by sticks. That doesn't mean we won't do what I promised ;)
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Re: Q about goofy setups

Postby CaBleman » Sat Jan 03, 2015 12:33 am

THX - meanwhile I installed and tested Aerodrums (a bit only, unfortunately). So my first questions about the left / right foot thing was a no-brainer, Aerodrums is very flexible! ;)

Although I sometimes have the issue that the RH and LH sticks get mixed up during playing. This would not matter very much normally, but since you have different samples for the dominant hand, it does!?
Also, when I make a long way back from the hi hat just to hit it again, there are unwanted hits on the crash which I put in the farthest corner possible.

It must be my playing style, I'm not a trained drummer... ;)

Also I have issues with Native Instruments "Drum Lab" - works quite well in GM Midi setup, but:
it would recognise the hi hat pedal but play the open sound ever after I have released the pedal. So the pedal close does not trigger anything in DrumLab... hmm.
Last but not least, when I start Native Instrument Maschine software or Kontakt with Drumlab, the fps cycle wildly through 89-120. Standalone it's a constant 130 fps.
On the last two issues, I might open an new thread, if you don't mind...


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