Greetings, New to Forum

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Greetings, New to Forum

Post by Bror » Wed Oct 08, 2014 6:06 am

Hello all.

First off, I am superabundantly pleased with the general concept and flexibility of this product, especially for those individuals wanting to pursue in furthering their knowledge or simply experiment with the drums all in all but are forced to cease causing a period of standstill due to noise restrictions, space issues or lack thereof. At least that seemed to be my case for a brief time. ;)

I am curious as to the weight of the ball-shaped sensors at the end of each stick, which I presume is light enough to not affect the weight in general while drumming? Also, regarding that subject: Assume the sticks are a certain size? (i.e. 5B, 5A, etc)? Perhaps there could be a way to use the motion sensors to somehow be "implemented" with other sizes of sticks in the future (i.e. say a drummer has a particular size he/she already used to playing with)?

Not really issues of importance as I'm sure there is equal balance as far as getting the gist of learning. Very well-done gentlemen, look forward to the updates as well as hearing more about this clever project.

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Re: Greetings, New to Forum

Post by Richard » Wed Oct 08, 2014 10:03 pm

Even though each ball only weighs about 3 grams, the sticks that currently ship with Aerodrums are specially balanced so that the center of mass is slightly closer to the butt of the stick. We tried to make the sticks feel as close as possible to normal sticks. We also opted for a relatively light stick (think 7A or lighter) to reduce any strain that may be placed on the wrist - of course, whether or not this is an issue in the first place largely depends on what technique you use.

There are advantages to playing with a heavier stick: improved rebound when using your palm to stop the stick and an improved sensation of hitting a physical surface. This is one of the reasons that the Aerodrums boxes include a spare set of balls and glue; you can either use them for fixing damaged sticks or for adapting your favourite pair of sticks for use with Aerodrums.

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