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New owner, initial thoughts

PostPosted: Fri Jul 15, 2016 4:46 pm
by dreamreal
Just got my Aerodrums yesterday (last night, around 11:30) and totally jazzed at the prospect - I'm one of those drummers who plays loud enough for a deaf man to complain from a mile away, so these might be a godsend.

First thoughts: Win10 user, the camera setup failed and failed and failed and failed. The answer was actually on the forums: run the camera setup app delivered as part of the Aerodrums download as administrator, but I wasn't thrilled at how long it took to find that. (Once I knew what to look for, it was easy. But why wasn't that put more front and center?)

I have to set roughly six feet from the PSEye to get all of the trackers in the camera. In my crowded office, that's... interesting. But I'll work that out. (The documentation seems to think it should be a smaller space, but I haven't been able to get my feet tracked without being quite far away, and even then I'm closer than the camera setup seems to think that I should be.)

I'm also getting some pretty hefty latency on the drums - the latency through the sound device is 2.9ms (M-Audio FastTrack Plus) but the latency through the Aerodrums is ... tragic, maybe 50-60ms. I have it set to use the FastTrack (that's where I got that "2.9ms" from) but when I hit a drum, the sound acts like it's triggered at the top of the bounce, rather than on the strike of the drum head.

I haven't even started trying to hook it into BFD3 yet. That'll come.

Re: New owner, initial thoughts

PostPosted: Fri Jul 15, 2016 11:56 pm
by Richard
Sorry about the camera issues. It's possible there is a new issue with Windows 10 caused by some recent Windows update. We're investigating.

You should definitely not sit further than the recommended distance. If it's not working at 4 feet then there is an issue. It's very likely this is caused by having the wrong setting on the Playstation Eye lens. It should be on the blue dot setting, with the lens fully rotated clockwise when facing towards you.

The latency is way bigger than it should be. Are you sure that the performance indicator in the top left of the drumming screen always shows green? Also, did you try using the recommended Exclusive WASAPI audio device setting and, if not, which device are you using? We have a troubleshooting page that might help you fix this:

Re: New owner, initial thoughts

PostPosted: Sat Jul 16, 2016 7:01 pm
by dreamreal
Incidentally, the latency seems to have been short-lived - not sure what I did to fix it, but the latency of Aerodrums is fine now.