Kitcore by Sonoma requires hit control info

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Kitcore by Sonoma requires hit control info

Post by ithesoul » Fri Jan 01, 2016 9:51 pm

Hi, I use Kitcore by Sonoma wire works, which is a lovely simple but authentic sounding ekit. After receiving your amazing Aerodrums I was keen to try it with Kitcore but found no way to get the hi-hat controller responding (only fully open expect when a foot-down causes a subsequent closed hi-hat sample to sound).

I contacted Sonoma and they have heard many good reports about Aerodrums and are keen to make kitcore compatible but they require more info from you please. Moses at sonoma support says:
I would recommend talking to their customer support to find out more about the midi assignments with the Aerodrums and how they work with momentary buttons/on/off events which is the case for us here. I wish I had more info for you regarding the Aerodrums and how they interact with KitCore but this is new software to us that we don't have access to. I will continue researching and looking for an answer for you as well. I'm sorry I didn't have more info for you, please let me know what you find!
kit core page: ... ovc18hkp20

email kitcore support:

thanks in advance

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Re: Kitcore by Sonoma requires hit control info

Post by Richard » Sun Jan 03, 2016 2:03 am

Hi Al, some other users had an issue with an ekit called MT Power Drum Kit 2 because it does not seem to support a MIDI continuous controller for specifying the hi-hat openness. We added a hack to workaround this. It sounds like you might be experiencing the same problem. I'm sending you a PM with instructions on how to enable the hack. If it fixes your problem please let us know so we can expose the workaround in a future patch. Thanks.

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