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MIDI I/O and extensions

PostPosted: Mon Feb 23, 2015 9:55 am
by Henkjan
Would be nice to be able to export and import MIDI files.
With MIDI export it can be imported in DAW (Cubase, ProTools, Garageband, Samplitude, StudioOne, Sonar, Reason, etc.) or other like Band in the Box.
It also can be imported in drumprograms like EZ drummer, Superior Drummer, BFD, etc. to produce professional and customized drumsounds.
It can be imported in other music Notation Programs and use this program as a nice extra for drummers.
There is standard MIDI and I noticed EZ drummer and perhaps other programs have deviations from the standard.
However standard MIDI can be imported in almost all softwares.
Import or export to e-drums like Roland, Yamaha, Alesis. Than it is possible to drum your score and afterwards edit it.
Your drumshift function is a nice tool.
If correct drummed and quantised it may be shifted to the grid so the shift toools enables it to get it on the grid.
Please continue with developing Aered Drums and make it compatible with other softwares, hardware, I-O (MP3, etc.).
It is rewarded by Slagwerkkrant as the best drum notation Tool ever! (No 186 mrt-apr 2015 33ste jaargagng page 8.)
Yes drumnotation is hard so please make us drummers happy;
perhaps you can sell it to Finale or Sibelius or give them a yearly payed license for using it
or offering it as a subroutine/app for their software.
Also nice to offer it as an app for Roland or Yamaha drums.
It can improve the drum learning programs
- import your drumlessons or drumrhytms from pdf etc. in your e-drum
- export your drum lessons or real drum tracks.
There can be developed aps for analysing results like timing, phrasing, dynamics, etc.
Compliments and please ...continue this story with version 2 etc.

Re: MIDI I/O and extensions

PostPosted: Sat Feb 28, 2015 2:23 am
by Richard
Thanks for all the suggestions. We will add support for MIDI files and/or direct MIDI output. Probably the way we will do this is to add a new tab to the Preferences dialog where you can specify which MIDI note is used for each drum/cymbal. VST/AU hosting directly within Aered is another feature that we'd really like to add so that you don't have to run other applications to use EZ, BFD, etc.