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Using Aerodrums with MIDI drum samplers

Over the last couple of months, since MIDI support was added to Aerodrums, we’ve been testing it with various drum samplers and gathering the mapping files necessary to convert the MIDI notes output by Aerodrums to the notes that each drum sampler expects. We’ve put together a new page where you can download these MIDI mappings.

Supported samplers include:

  • Steven Slate Drums’ SSD4
  • Toontrack’s Superior Drummer 2 and EZdrummer 2
  • FXpansion’s BFD3
  • Native Instrument’s Kontakt (with Studio Drummer)
  • XLN Audio’s Addictive Drums (1 & 2)

We also have some new tutorial videos on the same page explaining the steps necessary to get Aerodrums working through a DAW. Here is a short teaser:

We would like to thank Toontrack, Steven Slate Drums, Native Instruments and FXpansion for kindly giving us access to their products for testing with Aerodrums.

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Aerodrums video: foot technique and pedal alternatives

By popular request, we have put together a foot technique video as a follow-up to the hand technique video we posted previously. This new video demonstrates using heel-up and heel-down styles in Aerodrums and shows how Aerodrums can support the use of a real pedal (e.g. to accommodate heel-toe technique).

The observant amongst you may notice two currently unavailable features: triggering hi-hat foot splashes and automatically closing the hi-hat when no foot is resting on the hi-hat pedal (mimicking a drop-clutch). These are both features that will be released in a forthcoming update.

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Aerodrums now on Mac, MIDI release date announced

Aerodrums is now available for Mac computers as of today. Here are the requirements:

  • Mac computer from 2009 or later
  • Mac OS X 10.6 or up
  • Aerodrums box
  • Sony Playstation 3 Eye camera

You can purchase the Aerodrums box from in the US and in the EU. (We are currently working on distribution in the rest of the world).

Once you receive the box, you will be able to use the product code that it contains to download the Mac software from the Software download page.

Please visit the Aerodrums product page to learn more about it.


We are in the final stages of testing MIDI support in Aerodrums. The feature will be released as a free update on the 9th of April for both Mac and PC. It will enable Aerodrums to be used as a MIDI instrument and allow recording Aerodrums directly into a DAW such as Cubase or triggering samples from your favourite VST instruments such as Toontrack’s Superior Drummer.

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Drummers trying Aerodrums at NAMM

We’ve finally put together a short video of drummers trying Aerodrums at our NAMM booth. Apologies for the sound quality, we didn’t record anyone’s performance from within the program. There was no time for this: people just sat and played for the first time. Plus we were true to our “quietest kit at NAMM” slogan: we had the tiniest sound system there…

We’re sorry we don’t know everyone’s name, but here are the names we know in order of appearance: Pitti Hecht, Liberty DeVitto, Brad Davis, Cobus Potgieter, Jeremy Davis, Tony Snow, Victor Salazar, Casey Cooper and DJ Ravidrums. Thank you all for dropping by, it means a lot to us.

For people who would like to purchase Aerodrums but have a computer below the initial requirements, we have released a patch to enable drumming on computers with slower graphics cards. This patch means you do not need a “dedicated graphics card” anymore. Please refer to the manual’s foreword for instructions on how to get patches and updates. We are now working on Mac and MIDI support and will announce availability dates soon.

Finally, Richard has posted another cover using Aerodrums and some footage from a jam he had when he met up with his guitar-playing brother after NAMM.

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What’s in the Aerodrums box

Aerodrums will be available on and on Monday the 27th (just after the NAMM show). Here is a look at the box and its contents:

Aerodrums box to scaleAerodrums box content

The box includes:

  • A pair of drum sticks
  • A pair of foot pieces
  • A pair of shin pieces
  • A USB light with lens to fit to the camera
  • A pair of paper sunglasses to protect your eyes from the light

In other news, check out the first in a series of covers drummed with Aerodrums.

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Aerodrums, air-drumming and rebound

Due to the apparent lack of rebound, drummers we talk to are often skeptical about how good it will feel to play Aerodrums compared to a real drum kit. We made this short video to show that existing hand techniques are readily applicable to Aerodrums.

The video features Conor Guilfoyle’s Doctor Beat drum solo, here is a video of him performing it. You can find a link to his transcription of the solo in the description of his video. (If you want to see how it looks in Aered you can click here.)

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Aered, notation editor for drummers launched today!

Thanks to the exclusive focus on drum notation, Aered’s interface is simple and straightforward: As you move your mouse cursor over the music, you see a real-time preview of what the notation would look like if you placed a note there, including automatic placement of rests, beams, stems, flags etc. You can therefore place notes with single clicks and be certain to achieve your musical intent each time.

Here’s a video overview of Aered. Starting from the 1:16 mark you can see the ease with which a drum part can be transcribed from scratch.

Get Aered Aered is available for Windows PC. You can give it a try and, if you like it, purchase it for a price of your choice. (If you purchase it, the promotional blurb you can see in the top right in the video goes away).

Aered’s main additional features are:

  • What you see is what you get interface
  • High quality audio playback
  • Export to PDF
  • Export audio playback to sound file
  • Import ASCII tab files
  • Fluid rendering, letting you smoothly pan and zoom anywhere

If you were intrigued by our live music transcription demo, please note that this first version of Aered does not yet contain the ability to automatically transcribe music drummed with Aerodrums. We are working on this feature and plan to release an update soon.

Aered will be able to use Aerodrums’ full set of high quality drum samples when used on the same computer.