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We are at the London Drum Show 2015

lds2015-logoWe are booth #180, right in front of the Drummer Magazine stand. Our main news for the show is a stand for the camera that makes it easier to replicate your set up when bringing Aerodrums somewhere new. We’re only showing a pre-production version, it will be available early next year.

We wish Harvey Mason a speedy recovery. We were looking forward to Harvey demonstrating Aerodrums at the show.

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Groove Science

While good timing and precise control over drum strokes are essential skills for any drummer, robotic timing and overly consistent strokes can sound dull and lifeless like a badly programmed drum machine. Just what is it about the subtleties in someone like Jeff Porcaro’s playing that make his beats feel so good?

Sixty Symbols have posted a very interesting 2-part video on their YouTube channel that takes a look at this question. They hope to provide insights into the very nature of timing and dynamics by carrying out a scientific analysis of drummers performing Neil Peart’s famous groove from “Tom Sawyer”. They are inviting drummers to submit recordings of themselves playing the beat, not just on acoustic/electronic drum kits but also using Aerodrums. If you want to contribute data for the study you can send your recordings to and help answer the question – does the lack of rebound really matter when air drumming or can you play with as much nuance as on a physical drum kit?

You can learn more about this fascinating project at Professor Philip Moriarty’s blog. Here is Part 1 of the Sixty Symbols video:

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Hi-hat splash, drop clutch and other things

After a long wait, we finally have a new update to the Aerodrums software. On PC, simply run the updater that was installed with Aerodrums. On Mac, go to the Aerodrums software page, enter your product key and download and run the v1.0.14 updater.

Some of the main changes in this update include:

  • Hi-hat drop clutch feature that allows you to set how open the hi-hat is when your foot is not on the hi-hat pedal.
  • The ability to “splash” the hi-hat by tapping your foot half way.
  • Experimental cymbal choking feature where moving a stick into a certain position will cause cymbals to choke.
  • Support for ASIO (on Windows) and the ability to select which sound card to use.

Cymbal settings

A full list of changes is available here.

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Aered for Mac available now

The Mac version of Aered, our notation editor designed specifically for drummers, is available for download now. It requires a Mac computer running OS X 10.6 and up. If you try it and like it please consider supporting its development by purchasing it (for a price of your choice) and helping us spread the word with your fellow drummers.

Aered on Mac

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Potrillo video about Aerodrums

Potrillo is a drummer from Spain who resumed drumming thanks to Aerodrums after stopping 5 years ago. He just released a fantastic video about it. It is in Spanish with English subtitles, and very fun.

For the occasion, we are organising a draw on Twitter to promote the video and Aerodrums. There are 3 copies to win. You just have to retweet either of the following tweets and follow either of @Potrillo_nin or @aerodrums: English language tweet, Spanish language tweet. (The exact rules are in the description of the video.)

Thanks Potri!

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Drummers trying Aerodrums at the London Drum Show 2014

Here is a video showing a few of the many drummers who tried Aerodrums for the first time at the London Drum Show.

For the first three drummers, you can hear live audio from the show floor. Then you can hear the audio the drummers could hear with the headphones. For the third drummer and the last three drummers, instead of using Aerodrums’ samples, we trigger XLN Audio’s Addictive Drums 2 sampler via MIDI. Thanks to XLN for letting us demo their sampler at the show!

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Using Aerodrums with MIDI drum samplers

Over the last couple of months, since MIDI support was added to Aerodrums, we’ve been testing it with various drum samplers and gathering the mapping files necessary to convert the MIDI notes output by Aerodrums to the notes that each drum sampler expects. We’ve put together a new page where you can download these MIDI mappings.

Supported samplers include:

  • Steven Slate Drums’ SSD4
  • Toontrack’s Superior Drummer 2 and EZdrummer 2
  • FXpansion’s BFD3
  • Native Instrument’s Kontakt (with Studio Drummer)
  • XLN Audio’s Addictive Drums (1 & 2)

We also have some new tutorial videos on the same page explaining the steps necessary to get Aerodrums working through a DAW. Here is a short teaser:

We would like to thank Toontrack, Steven Slate Drums, Native Instruments and FXpansion for kindly giving us access to their products for testing with Aerodrums.